Security Cameras Are Especially Important Around The Holidays

Security Cameras Are Especially Important Around the Holidays

Many retail stores gain more of their revenue during the third quarter than any other time of year thanks to the holiday season. From Black Friday until the New Year, there are sales galore. And, everyone is out to take advantage of them.

If you own a retail store, then you should know that more people and more inventory bring a greater security threat to your business. Having surveillance cameras in place, however, can bring you an additional sense of security and peace of mind to go along with it.

This holiday season, invest in security cameras for these very important reasons.


Increase in Shoppers = Increased Theft Risk

Relying on your own eyes – or your on-staff loss prevention department – is one thing on any regular day when the store is not overly busy. Though, even then you don’t get the full picture of what is going on within the store.

But, what happens when the shoppers increase? What happens when there are more people in your store and you don’t have enough people to watch them? The holidays mean an increase of foot traffic in and around your store which makes it impossible to watch every move that every person within the store takes – leaving your store at risk for theft. And, the greater the number of customers, the greater the risk.

That is unless you have a surveillance system.

Having cameras installed around the facility can act as your eye in the sky, so-to-speak. These cameras can view all areas of your store – at all times, too. And, depending on your setup, you may be able to view everything remotely – allowing you to see what is going on in the store even when you aren’t there.

The installed cameras can deter theft from occurring in the first place. They can also allow you to monitor and catch it while it happens. And, if you audit the video you can see if a theft has taken place. Should you need to go back to review a recording, you easily can.

Did we mention that you can also track your trends at the store – such as peak hours? This can help you make sure you have enough staff and security employees on the ground, as well. See, with the cameras installed, you won’t have to worry about having an increased theft risk – you can just enjoy the customers!


Temporary Inventory Growth Can Bring Weakness in Security

Have you ever paid attention to the changes that take place in your store – and others – around the holidays? Inventory needs to increase with the expectation of an increased sale volume. You have to be prepared. In doing so, you order additional goods. While you will likely withhold some in the stock room, there is a good chance you do a bit of rearranging to make room for all the extra product, right?

Maybe you move a few shelves. Perhaps you make walkways a bit more narrow by adding displays in the middle of large walkways. Then again, you could just stock up on what you already have and make each display just a little larger than it already was.

Either way, the point is that you are making changes. This means that there are more items to block your view if you are trying to keep your eye out for theft. More places to hide, more places to sneak, and more ways to steal.

Adding security cameras puts you above all the blockage so that you can always have a view of what is taking place no matter where a customer is in the store.


Seasonal Help Could Be Shady

It is common for business owners to gain a sense of trust when it comes to long-term employees. There are just some individuals that you don’t feel could do harm. And, if the books have been coming up clean every month, then perhaps your gut feeling is right.

When the holiday season hits, it is normal for stores to hire temporary, seasonal employees to help handle the volume. Unfortunately, though there are very good people in the world, you may find yourself with some shady help. After all, you don’t know these new employees.

Did you know that employee theft costs business owners millions of dollars every year? It’s true. Employee theft is one of the most threatening types of theft when it comes to businesses. And, knowing that they are only temporary makes them less likely to care for the business as a regular employee would – and more likely to take advantage.

Installing cameras can help you monitor these employees. Taking it a step further and integrating your cameras with your POS system means that you will be able to monitor the employees as they work and visibly see text overlay of their transactions at the same time.

What a way to keep your business safe, right?


Protects High-Risk Areas with Cameras

There are so many thieves waiting in the midst just waiting to see where you will let your guard down. One slight mistake by you or one of your employees could mean an enormous payday for a criminal. This means you need to have cameras posted throughout your store and especially in high-risk areas. And, they need to be monitored.

Believe it that cameras will deter crimes. Studies have shown that those who have been convicted of committing crimes such as burglaries and theft in the past admit that spotting a camera was a big deterrence. Many of these individuals end up moving on to easier targets.

To protect your business, add these cameras to your doors – ALL doors, throughout your store, back hallways, and other remote areas. Don’t neglect any areas of access. It takes one slip up of leaving the back door unlocked, for instance, to cause you a huge headache.


The holidays are full of love and joy. Sadly, they are a full-time business for those looking to steal from your store. Don’t allow the opportunity – protect your business with security cameras now.

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