Security Camera Protects Business Owners

How Does a Security Camera Protect You as a Business Owner?

Business owners are most often concerned with the bottom line, as well as the protection of assets and safety in and around the business.

It is common for business owners to question whether or not a security camera system can help with these concerns – and if the investment would be wise. However, those who have made the decision to have a surveillance system installed soon realize that the upfront costs to purchase and install are well worth the long-term benefits that come from it.

Security cameras provide a lot of protection for business, from day-to-day operations to preventing theft and fraudulent insurance claims. This eye in the sky, so-to-speak, is a great addition to any business. In fact, just check out all the ways in which a security camera can protect you as a business owner.


Security Cameras Allow You Monitor in Real-Time

Owning a business can be a lot of work. And, you can’t always be there as much as you’d like to – especially if you have more than one location. Being able to view what is going on within the business at any given moment – in real-time – can give you some great insight.

By installing security cameras, you can sign it and view your live cameras. This will allow you to see the productivity levels offered by your employees. In addition, you can keep an eye on heavily-trafficked areas to help determine whether or not backup should be called.


Security Cameras Protect Against Fraudulent Claims

Did you know that one fraudulent claim can have a great impact on the business? As the owner, the last thing you want to worry about is having to deal with a fraudulent insurance claim. Not only could it cost you money, but it will likely also bring some unwanted, negative publicity, too.

When an injury occurs on your property, people are quick to threaten lawsuits and point fingers these days.

Was it legitimate? Was it a fake fall? Was it due to your negligence?

You can ask these questions, but without video proof or a reliable witness, it becomes a game of he said, she said.

Therefore, security cameras protect against fraudulent claims because they allow you to have evidence of the scenario as it truly played out.


Security Cameras Monitor Inventory in the Warehouse

Your inventory is your way of making money. If you lose this inventory, then you lose money – plain and simple. Unfortunately, inventory shrinkage as a result of theft is incredibly common.

Take a moment to consider how large your warehouse or storage area is. And, how many people are in and around the area on a daily basis. In a space full of say, 90,000 items, losing 9 doesn’t seem like much at all. And, it surely isn’t very noticeable. But, losing 9 items every day over an extended period of time can really add up and greatly impact your business.

As a business owner, it is up to you to determine how to stop this from happening. You can do so by installing security cameras in and around your warehouse area. This will both deter thieves and help keep your employees accountable. Of course, it will also help you maintain a healthy bottom line.


Security Cameras Protect Against Employee Theft

Employee theft is a huge problem, especially in retail businesses. As a business owner, you need to know how you can prevent becoming the victim of all these sneaky employee games. According to an article by Loss Prevention Media, it has been reported that over 30% of inventory shrinkage is the result of employee theft. And, one in 35 employees is guilty of theft in the workplace. When surveyed, 92% of retail companies admitted to being the victim of organized crime in 2018.

Staggering numbers, right? This is why installing security cameras are so important. Think about it – if you have 40 employees, there is a good chance one of them is being honest. And, if you have 70 employees, you may have two thieves in front of you.

It is up to you to do what is right for your business. Installing security cameras can not only change behavior, but it can also help you unveil any deviant behavior. And this can benefit the entire company.


Security Cameras Help You Streamline Your Business

Optimal productivity is the goal of all business owners. Unfortunately, because you are so closely involved in the process, it is hard to see ways in which your business is lacking or changes that you can make to increase its productivity.

Installing security cameras is a great way to watch your company’s entire process, from one end to the other. You can see where the hiccups are and make changes accordingly. Or, you can always hire professionals to monitor the process through your security cameras and provide feedback.

You want your business to flow smoothly and evenly. Security cameras can help.


Security Cameras Can Provide a Sense of Safety

Finally, in our world, simply going out in public can be scary. With crimes and violence that can take place in workplaces, there is always a low level of fear. But, guess what happens with a security system with cameras is installed?

While the threat doesn’t diminish entirely, the cameras do bring about a sense of safety. After all, cameras do deter criminals. Both employees and customers will feel more at ease knowing that there is an actively monitored security camera system in place.

What’s more, should a crime occur, the cameras can definitely be used by law enforcement and in legal proceedings. It will also provide you with information as to how safety in your company was breached so that it doesn’t happen in the future.


You are a business owner. And, you have a lot of time, money, and effort invested in your company. Installing a security camera system is a surefire way to protect your investment, increase productivity, and monitor what is happening at any moment from anywhere in the world. In fact, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a security camera system.

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