The Ability To View Multiple Screens Is Better For Security

The Ability to View Multiple Screens at Once Makes Security More Effective

Do you love going to the movies? There is something about the smell (and the taste – who are we kidding?) of that movie theatre popcorn, the anticipation of the movie you have been waiting to see, and sitting back, staring at that large screen for two hours while you shut the world out. It is safe to say that movies are enjoyable and a welcome break in the monotony of life.

Now, what if we told you that the next time you head to the movies, you can grab your popcorn and anticipation, recline back in your seat and watch the bottom left corner of the movie screen only. That’s right. The only thing visible will be that bottom left corner. And, did we mention there is no audio? Enjoy your movie.

Wait. What?

By seeing only the bottom corner, you would have a hard time putting together what the movie is even about, wouldn’t you? Especially when there is no sound. Why would you even want to waste your money?

When you install a security camera system throughout your business – and only allow yourself to view it one camera at a time – it is like the scene above. You are only watching the bottom left corner of a movie with no sound.

You will miss so many important things that are going on around you – including all those reasons you invested in the security system, to begin with! Let’s take a moment to discuss why the ability to view multiple screens at once makes security more effective.


Follow Suspicious Activity

When you see something suspicious, you watch it. How else will you know if your instincts are right? The individual could just be shopping. But, perhaps he or she moves to another area of the store – what will you do then? Will you be able to follow? If you have to switch cameras, how will you know what happens in the interim?

Simple answer? You won’t.

If you want to halt suspicious activity before it costs you money, then you need to be able to follow it. You need to be able to watch individuals as they move from one area of your store to another. And, you can only do this with the use of multiple screens.


See the Bigger Picture

Just as if you were watching a movie, you want to see the whole screen, right? You want to know what is going on in the movie – not just in the bottom left corner of a mute screen. To have multiple screens for your security cameras means you are able to see the bigger picture.

Being able to see a wide portion of your business means that you are giving yourself the best security possible. You are able to monitor what goes on in more places than just one.

Think about this – things may be happening in one area of the store. But, the particular area you are viewing may be filled with individuals reacting to what is happening. Will you know what to do? Will you know how to respond to the situation? How? If you can’t see it or you did not witness it, how will you know what action needs to be taken?

As a business owner, you need to be able to see the bigger picture. You need to be able to monitor your entire store. From one area to the next without lapse. That’s the only way to effective security.


Monitor More than One Area at a Time

Crime doesn’t just happen in one area. It can happen anywhere – and in any part of your store. For instance, let’s say you run a gas station with a convenience store. If you only have one screen to monitor one camera, which camera would you choose? After all, there is a good chance you have more than one camera, right?

Do you monitor the gas pumps? Do you focus on the clerk at the gas register? Do you monitor the backdoor? Do you monitor the store area?

Think about this – every single one of these areas can be the perfect place for a crime to take place and security to be needed. Monitoring more than one area at a time gives you the opportunity to catch something that takes place before it turns into something more. And, it allows you to also see how something goes down – allowing you to even make changes that can prevent it from happening in the future.


Other Benefits, Too

Being able to monitor more than one screen at a time offers you more than just security benefits. You can make your business more efficient and your processes more streamlined. Sometimes it requires you to take a step back to be able to see the changes that could be made to make your business flow more smoothly.

Watch what happens when a delivery is made. Then follow it through the process your clerks take. Could changes be made? By viewing the process from afar you can spot hiccups that can slow down efficiency.

Another benefit is being able to monitor your employees at all times. This increases customer service, allows you to make sure safety measures are being followed, and protects you from employee theft (which is a huge problem, believe it or not).


Final Thoughts

Just look at all you could accomplish if you gave yourself the ability to view multiple screens at one time. Your security system is there for a reason – and you likely had high hopes for your system when you first had it installed, right? Don’t forget what your goals were.

Unless you intended to monitor only one specific area at a time, then don’t limit yourself. Multiple screens will help you follow suspicious behavior from one area to the next, streamline your business, increase customer service, maintain a higher level of protection, and ensure that safety measures are in place.

Remember – you don’t go to the movies to just watch the bottom corner of a theater screen, so don’t just allow yourself to watch one security screen at a time. The time for more is now. Consider a security software like our Multiview Client that will allow you to take charge of your security and make it easy to monitor more at once.

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