Integrate Security Cameras with your POS System

Integrating Security Cameras with Your POS System Can Increase Order Accuracy

The bottom line is you need a nice bottom line. It’s that simple. But when your operation is not running efficiently, the result will hit you where it hurts. That’s right – in that bottom line.

Whether you have a drive-thru fast food chain restaurant, a restaurant with an upscale family dining experience, or a warehouse preparing deliveries, there are ways to increase the accuracy of your orders and production – as long as you know how to find them.

And, perhaps the best way to do this with by integrating your security cameras with your POS system.


Why Separate is Not Always Better

Like ice cream and sprinkles, shoes and sock, and the ocean and shore – some things are just better together. This is true when it comes to your security camera system and your POS system.

On their own, each serves a great purpose. Your security cameras can monitor who comes and goes in your business. They can deter theft from occurring, as well as reduce the chance for workplace violence. Cameras can also save you money on your insurance and fraudulent worker’s compensation claims.

Your POS system has been designed to monitor every transaction that occurs between the sale of the product or service and the exchange of funds. It gives you the capability to review these transactions in detail so that you are able to confirm that there are no discrepancies. You can even see details, such as what items rang up, at what cost, how they were paid for, and even the time and user associated with the transaction.

See, there is no doubt that both of these systems provide a great service to business owners. But what if you could combine them? What if you could see the details of the transaction and watch the video of it taking place – all on one screen?

This is a game-changer for nearly all companies – and it is the result of integrating these two systems together.


You Have to See the Way to Change Before You Can Make the Change

While the number may vary depending on who you talk to, there is a statistic that says a roughly 3% increase in your productivity can lead to a 1% increase in your profit. But, how can you increase this productivity if you don’t have a clear picture of it?

Monitoring your employees on surveillance cameras is one way to up the ante with production. But it doesn’t give you a full, clear picture. What will, however, is an integrated system of security cameras and POS system.

You will be able to have a clear picture of what transactions take the longest and may even be able to see what is causing the delay.

The use of cameras will also help you see what is taking place around the transaction. How are the other customers? How long did they have to wait in line? What were the other employees doing? Did they assist in the transaction? Could that have increased the order accuracy? On the contrary, are there too many employees handling one order and disrupting the flow?

There are so many angles and aspects that you need to take into consideration when reviewing an integrating system and trying to improve your order accuracy.


Make the Changes

Eventually, after all, is said and done with your review, it is time to implement the changes. Make a plan and work closely with your employees. This is not the time to stop monitoring the integrating system. In fact, it is a good idea to watch it a bit closer.

  • Are your changes being implemented properly?
  • Has the change occurred smoothly, without major disruptions or hiccups?
  • Have you seen an increase in order accuracy?

The more you monitor your system, the easier it will be for you to determine if the changes you made are effective in reducing error and increasing profit.


The Benefits of Combining

You don’t have to combine your POS system and your surveillance cameras. Both works just fine on their own. Well, that is, if you are ok with the current status quo. But, if you are looking to gain some benefits, you are going to want to do so.

Believe it or not, there are some unforeseen benefits that come to you solely because you wanted to increase your order accuracy. Sounds like a winning choice, doesn’t it? Here’s what happens. By integrating your surveillance system with your POS system, you are putting the spotlight on your employees and the transactions that occur.

Did you know that theft occurring from employees on the inside is often more prevalent that retail theft from customers? It’s true. Employees who know how to utilize the POS system well, learn tricks to make it look like transactions happened one way, when in reality they may not have even occurred at all!

Choosing to integrate your system means you are able to watch the transactions closely – whether recorded or in real-time – and see what is taking place.

Maybe your bottom line would have been great all along, but it was disrupted by a thieving employee. Who knows? Unless, of course, you begin monitoring. What a great surprise benefit to the integration.

You cannot always be present in your business. But, your bottom line and the overall health and reputation of your company is important to you. While you are away, you leave it in the hands of those who work for you. But, are they doing everything they can to make sure the business is running efficiently and effectively?

Integrate your security system and your POS system and see what changes you can make that will have the greatest impact on your order accuracy. Remember, fulfilling orders in record time means happy customers – and more people served. Having a high level of order accuracy means thankful and return customers. And, that is how you make an impact on that bottom line.

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