How CCTV Protects Your Business

How CCTV Works to Protect Your Business

We often go great lengths to protect our business, don’t we? Our business is our livelihood so it only makes sense that we would do what we can to make sure it is safe at every turn. This may include upgrading to the latest software system for our industry, hiring trustworthy staff members, and purchasing an indestructible vault.

But, what happens when you are away? Or what happens when the business is closed? What happens during those monotonous processes that no one tends to monitor? And how do you truly know if your employees are as trustworthy as they seem?

These are things you just can’t find out by being present. And, even if you felt like you could, you cannot possibly be at the office every moment of every day.

You need something more that can work to protect all areas of your business every moment of every day. But what?

Here’s your answer: a CCTV system.


What is a CCTV Camera System?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television.  It is a surveillance system connected to televisions within a business – that is not publicly distributed. Instead, the strategically-placed cameras record and send the information via coax cables to local monitors. The idea behind it being a closed circuit refers to the fact that the video footage is locally recorded, viewed, and maintained. In other words, access is greatly limited.

Years ago, many CCTV systems contained large cameras and tiny monitors that portrayed poor quality video recordings. Thankfully, with time and new technology, CCTV systems have greatly improved. The cameras have decreased in size and the quality of the video footage is incredible. And now, the recordings can usually be viewed both in-house and remotely.


Deter Criminal Activity

One of the biggest reasons most businesses choose to invest in a CCTV system is to deter criminal activity. It is not a hushed fact that visible cameras can deter criminals. Think about it – if someone has a chance to commit a theft in a store with the presence of video cameras or without, he or she is likely to choose the latter.

With newly designed cameras housed in dark domes, it is difficult for would-be criminals to determine which direction the camera is facing – thus, again, reducing the chance of crime.


Monitor Activities Throughout the Workspace

You cannot always be present at your place of business. But, even when you are, you cannot be at every location all the time. So, while you are, let’s say, in the front of the store, you cannot know what is taking place in the storage area. And vice versa.

And, face it – when you cannot see what goes on, you cannot address it. Unmonitored employees could be taking shortcuts, leading to increased safety hazards. Or, perhaps there is some deviant behavior taking place between employees or maybe an employee is milking the time clock or covering for another.

With cameras recording, you have access to view what is taking place at any time. And, because you store the footage, you can always go back and take a look at what you think you may have missed.

Keep your business safe and protect your employees.


Reduce Employee Theft

Employee theft is huge. In fact, millions of dollars each year are lost due to employee theft – and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce statistics show that nearly 75% of all employees will commit employee theft at some point in their lifetime. And, 37.5% of them will continue to do it! That is a staggering number.

So, let’s take a moment to remember those trustworthy employees you hired. One in four could be stealing from your business right now.

Keep in mind that employee theft can occur in different forms, such as:

  • Embezzlement
  • Payroll theft
  • Time theft
  • Proprietary information theft
  • Larceny
  • Billing scams

With CCTV, you can monitor your employees and reduce the chance of employee theft occurring. You can even take it a step further by integrating your surveillance system with your POS system and have a record of every transaction, step by step, that an employee takes. That’s right – this integration system will provide you with a text overlay of each transaction as it happens – right there on the screen of the live recording.


Audit Work Processes to Streamline Your Business

Protecting your business doesn’t mean that you have to physically protect your business. Protection also comes in the form of using time and resources wisely and effectively. In order to succeed, you need to have the most efficient processes imaginable.

By installing a CCTV system, you can have your recordings audited and see where you can make changes to streamline your business. You can do this auditing yourself or you can take advantage of professional auditing services – allowing trained personnel to advise you on changes that can be made to increase your flow and, ultimately, your bottom line.


Always Have Records of What Takes Place

Has your business ever been faced with lawsuits or falsified injury claims? If it has not, then it is only a matter of time. It is very common for personal injury suits to find their way to your doorstep. When they do, you will find yourself amidst a legal battle that becomes a he said-she said debate.

Can you prove that your company had the proper signs and warnings that there was a wet floor? Can you prove that a fall never occurred, but rather a strategically-planned incident took place?

If you have the recordings from your CCTV system, you can absolutely prove these things happened. And, more frequently, these recordings are being allowed in courtrooms around the country.

Recordings of workplace injuries, after-hour break-ins, and so forth can all be recorded and reviewed for legitimacy – or to help law enforcement solve a crime.


So, the question is this – can a CCTV work to protect your business? Absolutely. From employee theft to fraudulent personal injury lawsuits and everything in between – a CCTV system is there to ensure your best interests are kept safe.


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