How CCTV Works to Protect Your Business

How CCTV Protects Your Business

We often go great lengths to protect our business, don’t we? Our business is our livelihood so it only makes sense that we would do what we can to make sure it is safe at every turn. This may include upgrading to the latest software system for our industry, hiring trustworthy staff members, and purchasing…

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What Is a TVI Camera?

TVI Camera Setup

Have you ever gone to purchase a bottle of water from a gas station? If so, you have likely stood there, staring at the many choices. Larger bottles, smaller bottles, spring water, distilled water, infused water, water with electrolytes, even water from French mineral water from Lake Geneva. Which do you choose? How do you…

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The Importance of Effective Security for a Museum

Importance of Effective Security For A Museum

Museums around the world house some incredible items. This may consist of artwork, ancient artifacts, historical documents, and more. And, the last thing that anyone wants is for these items to be left vulnerable in any sense of the word. And, for this reason, the importance of effective security for a museum is evident. Is…

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How Do Security Cameras Work At Night?

How Do Security Cameras Work At Night

Could you imagine a world where thieves, burglars, or other intruders only trespassed during daylight hours? Or, at the very least, only brightly lit places? Sounds sort of comical, doesn’t it? Especially because the idea behind taking what you have means not getting caught. And, nighttime hours or otherwise dark spaces are the best way…

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Security Needs for Your Warehouse

Security Needs For Your Warehouse

When you think of a warehouse, there is a good chance you think of wide-open spaces. After all, that is one of the perks of having a warehouse, isn’t it? You get ample space to store goods, manufacture products, or perfect your logistics. Warehouses are all about providing the space needed to streamline business and…

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Choosing the Best Security Camera Housing

Choosing The Right Camera Housing

Have you ever purchased eggs from the store and simply carried them out without their packaging? Eggs are delicate, right? Without something, such as a carton, designed to gently hold them securely, they’d break. Or, how about that brand new television you purchased on Black Friday. It’s wrapped securely in a box with Styrofoam inside,…

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Why a Hotel Needs a Robust Surveillance System

Why A Hotel Needs A Hospitality Surveillance System

If you are involved in the hospitality business, then you know there are a lot of people who may come and go from your establishment at any given time. What does this mean in terms of surveillance? It means that there are ample opportunities for theft, vandalism, and other crimes to take place regardless of…

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The Best Features to Have in a Security Camera

Best Features of Security Cameras

If you are investing in a security camera system, then you are likely looking to secure your home or business, right? This means that not just any security camera will do. You need those with features that will benefit you – and your security needs. Investing in cameras that are not designed for your space…

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Security Cameras Are Especially Important Around the Holidays

Security Cameras Are Especially Important Around The Holidays

Many retail stores gain more of their revenue during the third quarter than any other time of year thanks to the holiday season. From Black Friday until the New Year, there are sales galore. And, everyone is out to take advantage of them. If you own a retail store, then you should know that more…

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