Best Features of Security Cameras

The Best Features to Have in a Security Camera

If you are investing in a security camera system, then you are likely looking to secure your home or business, right? This means that not just any security camera will do. You need those with features that will benefit you – and your security needs. Investing in cameras that are not designed for your space or your needs will be a waste of time, money, and other resources. Of course, to be sure you are getting what you need, however, you will have to know and understand the value of the features available.

Safety and security are important to have. So, before you head out to make that purchase, give yourself a big advantage and learn about the best features to have in a security camera.


Night Viewing

Installing security cameras likely means you want to be protected all hours – day and night. But, if there is no adequate lighting, how are you able to view images captured by your camera? One important feature to consider is night viewing capabilities. Using infrared technology, cameras with this function are able to view movement and activity in the dark – without requiring additional lighting.

Depending on where your cameras are to be installed, you may want to consider this feature so that you never miss anything – especially those things that go bump in the night.


Pan, Tilt, Zoom

Your field of vision is important when it comes to your security cameras. After all, if your camera is not capturing what it needs to be, the recording could be wasted. Many security cameras on the market are stationary. And, for many homes and businesses, once they are pointing to the protected area, they are fine. But, if you are trying to cover a larger area, for instance, with fewer cameras, then you need to be able to maneuver the cameras when and where you need them.

With the pan, tilt, zoom feature, you are able to move the camera (remotely) and perform those actions. You can pan larger areas. Tilt the camera to get the best view. And, zoom in on specific situations as needed.

Having this control gives you the greatest benefit when it comes to cameras.


High-Definition Video Quality

Does it really matter if you have security cameras if their recording quality is so poor that you can tell what you are looking at? Technology is ever-changing – and high definition video quality can give you some of the best viewing opportunities.

To tell just how great a camera’s quality will be, you need to know the resolution. For instance, the most common resolutions found in most home security cameras are 2MP or 1080p, 4MP or 1440p, 5MP or 1920p and 8MP or 4K/2160p. The higher the resolution, the better the quality.

Keep in mind that high-definition technology can now be found in both digital IP cameras and analog cameras. Therefore, don’t rule out the power of analog security cameras.


Remote Viewing (And Mobile Control)

You can’t always be present at your home or office, right? You have a life to live and responsibilities to fulfill. But, that does not mean you don’t want to know what is going on while you are away.

Being able to check-in remotely and determine that everything is copasetic is a very important feature that many wish to have. As opposed to cameras that only allow you to view recorded footage when you are at the location, security cameras that have this remote feature allow you to view live and recorded footage from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. In fact, all you need is the ability to access the internet and you can be privy to what is taking place at your home or office, regardless of your location.

Taking it to the next level, some of these cameras allow you to even remotely control the cameras. Remember that pan, tilt, zoom feature above? If your camera is equipped with the feature, you can control it no matter where you are!


Ability to Sense Motion

Some individuals prefer to have constant video recording 24 hours per day. And that is completely fine. But others just want to know when there is a motion in a certain area. For instance, some individuals may consider it wasteful to record constant footage of a rarely-used back door. If this sounds like you, then you may be interested in a feature that will only record when motion is detected.

With this feature, not only will you receive alerts that there is movement detected, but you will also save storage space for your recordings.


Wired or Wireless

Cameras can come with or without wires – and each has its benefits. But it is important to do your research and understand which may be most beneficial to you and your needs.

Take the time to understand the perks and limitations of each. Then, match it with your coverage needs and see which will work best for your situation.


Cloud Storage

This feature will vary greatly on your setup. In days gone by, it was common for businesses to record on VHS tapes, then compact discs, and now DVR storage. However, today, there is a much more efficient way to store recorded footage – on the cloud.

The cloud is a virtual space in the internet world that securely stores your footage for a set amount of time. The types of cameras that allow for this type of storage will vary. So, if not having to worry about storage space is important to you, be on the lookout for this feature.


Making the decision to install a security camera is wise. Yet, it is very important to learn the features that can give you the most benefit from the security camera system. Before purchasing, learn of these features, how they can benefit you, and ask the professionals about any and all questions you may have.

Ensuring your home or business is thoroughly protected is what is important – and the features available on cameras can make it happen.

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