Advantages of Remote Property Monitoring

The Advantages of Monitoring Your Properties Remotely

Are you a property manager who wants the best for yourself and your tenants? A lot of things go on at residential and commercial properties in a 24-hour period. And, if we are being honest, it is impossible for you to be present at each of your property locations all the time.

Have you ever given any thought to what goes on while you are away? Does any of this activity put your tenants or your property in danger or harm’s way?

When technology emerges that allows you to feel like you are there all the time – and gives you the perks of being there, too – you jump on it. After all, there are multiple advantages you receive when you gain the ability to monitor your properties remotely.


Remote Monitoring Works for all Types of Properties

If you are a property manager, you may have properties all over the city, state, or even country. Multiple properties mean you have to figure out how to check in on each of them regularly. And, some days, doing that may leave you exhausted.  In fact, the more widespread they are, checking on your properties regularly may not even be a possibility.

Until remote monitoring emerged on the scene.

These camera systems allow you to view what is happening at your properties in real time. And you can watch from anywhere you have an internet connection.

So, what types of properties can utilize this type of monitoring system? Nearly all of them!

  • Apartment complexes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Construction sites
  • And so many more.


Remote Monitoring Adds Value to your Property = Increased Rent

You may install a monitoring system to protect your properties. But, you may be surprised that a bonus benefit is that this increases the value of your properties. Tenants will feel safer and protected and criminal activity will be reduced. In other words, it is a win-win for everyone involved – expect the criminal.

Here is the best part: Can you guess what added value results in? Increased rent.

You can charge more for the peace of mind that comes with security camera monitoring. Safety is important to a lot of tenants – both residential and commercial. And, you will find that most won’t mind paying a little more for this feature.


Remote Monitoring Allows you to Check who is Gaining Entry

If you have remote properties that you don’t frequently visit, you have likely passed out keys to individuals to open and close the property. Or, if you have multiple construction sites, you can’t always monitor what goes on.

However, by choosing to remotely monitor these properties, you are able to check who is gaining entry to the property – and when. So, whether it is at the gate of an apartment complex, the front door of a condo building, the side door of your restaurant chain, or the fenced and gated area of your construction site – you will know who stepped onto the property.

While it may seem overbearing or unnecessary, there are times when you will be thankful you have this ability – especially when a theft or other crime occurs.


Remote Monitoring Stores Footage for Later Viewing

Very few individuals have time to just sit in front of monitors all day and watch what is going on in properties that you own. But, what if you want to see what happened there last night? Or, what if a crime was committed and law enforcement wants to know if you know who entered the property at 11:03 pm last night?

Remote monitoring not only lets you view video footage in real time, but it also stores it for later viewing.


Remote Monitoring Allows you to Monitor the Health of your Properties

If you cannot physically be at your property locations, it is hard to monitor the health of them. You may hire maintenance staff, property managers, and so forth. But, are they really doing a good job?

It’s scary to own a property and turn it over to someone else to care for. Remote monitoring can take away this worry and concern by giving you the ability to see firsthand the overall health and care of your property.


Remote Monitoring Allows you to Manage your Properties from Anywhere in the World

Another advantage is that you can keep living your life in a forward movement. No need to stop and constantly monitor what is going on at your properties. And, no need to have a set room for bulky monitors and other monitoring equipment.

As long as you have a healthy internet connection, you can monitor your properties from anywhere in the world. Secure logins ensure that only those with access are able to view the footage.


Remote Monitoring can Lower your Insurance Costs

Insurance companies receive a lot of claims for theft and vandalism from property owners. The result is a lot of payouts – and higher premiums.

Since you can’t forego insurance, you may as well take advantage of discounts they will provide. And, for most insurance companies, there is a nice discount for those who use security cameras and remote monitoring.


Remote Monitoring Allows You to Monitor Multiple Places at Once

Do you have more than one property? The beauty of remote monitoring is that having multiple properties do not interfere with your ability to monitor them. You can view what is going on at your properties from one device – whenever you want.

Keep tabs on one or 21 properties. You no longer need to rely on others while crossing your fingers that they are taking good care of your investment.

As you can tell, remote monitoring has many benefits – from reducing your chance of theft and vandalism to monitoring the health of your property. View what is going on – in real time or by recording – from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

No more worries or having to have blind faith that your properties are safe and cared for. You will be able to see for yourself.

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